Solar light sensitivity vs schedule

How does the light sensitivity work in conjunction with the light schedule?

Does the light sensitivity determine when the light turns on despite the schedule or does the schedule overide the light sensor?

For example: I have my light sensitivity set to the minimum so that it only activates when it’s dark enough. I also have a light schedule set because I don’t want the lights on all night. If it’s still too bright for the light sensitivity when my schedule starts will the light wait to turn on?

I have no way of knowing when dusk is based on the app so I cannot test this.

If light sensitivity is factored into the schedule then it is much too sensitive even at its lowest setting because my lights come on when it is still daytime.

Another option would be to allow for setting only an off time in schedule and allowing light sensitivity to turn on the lights. Currently we cannot leave start time in the schedule null.

The Smart Lighting Light Schedule will take priority over the Light Sensor Threshold.

For Solar Smart Lighting devices, the Light Scheduling uses an astronomical clock to determine dusk/ dawn in your location.
Please note: the Ring Smart Lighting Pathlight Battery and Steplight Battery models use a light sensor for scheduling.

Feel free to check out our Feature Request Board to vote on requests and/ or make a new request on Smart Lighting features.

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Thank you. I believe the solution for this would be to allow for only a off entry in the schedule and allow the on to use the light sensor.

I will post in the feature request.