Solar connected to doorbell (v4) doesn't charge

I have a solar faceplate installed with the doorbell (v4), battery connected. This is NOT in direct sun light but I was assured (both online and via chat) it only required daylight, not sun light. Installed and shows connected in the dashboard but never charges battery.

Contacted support. Told me to reset device and reconnect solar. I did. Still nothing. Does this device work in day light or is direct sun light required?

Hi @user12660. The Solar Charger for the Video Doorbell requires several hours of direct sunlight per day. How much of a charger your Doorbell will receive from the Solar Charger varies based on device settings, motion notifications and sun exposure where the device is placed. It is not ideal for porches or other covered areas, as direct sunlight is required. I apologize for any miscommunication, but I hope this clears things up.