Solar Charging Intermittent (NOT THE CONNECTION OR AMBIENT!)

I have three stick-up cams on solar panels each receiving the same amount of light and functional in voltage. Two of the camera that have a non-issue have Wasserstein arrays and the problematic camera has a ring array. The Wasserstein cameras do not recognize the panel installed, and the Ring solar panel is recognized. Question #1 , shouldn’t the cameras recognize any panel installed (they can’t be smart)? These panels under same environmental and lighting conditions hold battery charge at 100%. #2The Ring panel/ camera has intermittent issues on charging, while no problems with the other 2 cameras. Problems started roughly 6 months ago (July) where it is working at 100% for weeks then drops off and stops charging. I checked the connection the first time, cleaned an d brought the battery in for a recharge. Again for a couple of weeks stayed at 100% then started going downhill with no changes to menu settings. This time didn’t disconnect panel and lasted a coulple of weeks at 100% and would not charge. Again brought it inside and charged with same scenerio working as it should for a given amout of time and stops charging. It is ridiculous talking to overseas support preaching from a manual. Support kept saying it was the cold weather and couldn’t comprehend that the other two cameras were in the same weather conditions and working fine. She also couldn’t digest the fact that it started in July. She kept saying it was a battery issue and I told her to send me anew one and stated that she can’t do that just bring it in and recharge it. This just kept going in circles and no understanding that I didn’t pay to have to bring an inaccessble camera battery everytime it feels like not charging . (I payed for extended warantee for the last 5 years of having these cameras). Where do I go from here???

Hi @3dd06adbfc0fe72f1d843f6a22fd60. The Ring Stick-Up Cams have only been tested for use with official Ring Accessories. If you use an 3rd party accessory, there is no guarantee it will work, even if they are similar. If you’re having an issue with the Solar Panel charging the Stick-Up Cam after you’ve cleaned out the port where the cable connects, you may have to reset your Cam and reconnect it to WiFi. You can reset it by pressing and holding the setup button for 20 seconds, then release it. The Cam will reset and be ready to connect to WiFi. Once reconnected, the next time your battery drops to 90%, the Cam will register that the Solar Panel is connected and it will start to charge your battery. Let me know if this is helpful!