Solar charger for doorbell 3

So I purchased a solar charger for my doorbell 3 which claims to be supported for it. I’m trying to install. The solar charger has a usb. The doorbell three doesn’t have a usb and install instructions say I have to loosen the 2 screws and place the two things I. It and Re tighten. Well this solar doesn’t have the two things I need to connect. It has a USB instead. Did they send me the wrong version? I got it off Amazon and it says it was compatible for my device.

Re: Solar charger for doorbell 3

Glad you asked, @Sir_Skulls! It sounds like the Solar Charger bracket you have might be for another Doorbell model. Here is the Solar Charger for the Video Doorbell 3, in which the accessories page at will list each Solar Charger by compatible model type. As you mentioned, the instructions for this installation do require the two pronged wires to secure to the terminals on the back of your Video Doorbell 3.

As you have a Doorbell 3, I recommend inquiring with Amazon about exchanging Solar Chargers and possibly informing of any information you found to be incorrect. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: