Social Distancing Message

For business users, an automatic message that can be played upon prompt/scheduled to encourage social distancing and keeping an acceptable distance from the person queuing in front of them. (Mainly for use with cameras not doorbells.

For business user doorbells, the message could be to state that capacity is restricted within the premises at the moment and they need to please wait for patrons to exit before they can be permitted to enter.

For home users, a message for deliveries/ visitors that can be to ensure that the visitor steps back from the door so that the ring user may approach safely.

***A user pre-recorded message would allow this function to be Useful in a number of different ways to different users outside the current need for social distancing enforcement.

(businesses with certain mandatory processes that “please sign in at the desk, providing your Name & vehicle registration, then remain seated in the area to the left until someone is able to take you to your to the meeting room”.)

(Irate old people “don’t need any double glazing thanks, please leave and don’t come back”)

(Everyday user “sorry I can’t come to the door right now, I’m a bit busy but please let me know the best number to contact you on and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can - this is recorded so <br>Just speak back to me whenever you’re ready)

;RING Dev team - this is a great advertising opportunity that could be used to sell more devices on the basis that business users now have to change their processes and create new control measures in order to carry on operating (H&;S regs).