So I buy this $100 security camera

…I install it in my garage to protect my wheels. I have motion alerts enabled so as soon as somebody enters, I get an alert on my smartwatch. I’d say that’s pretty neat. However, I can think I’m well protected with this camera, only the thing could be offline for days without me knowing. So what I bought for $100 is… a false sense of security?

This morning brought the garbage can in from the street and looked directly in the camera and waved. NO RECORDING! Yea, after one year, I’m getting rid of Ring!

More than likely you have your Frequency set too low if your device supports it.

Solar - Were you replying to my post? It records snowflakes hitting the camera lens but not a human walking right up to it and waving. It even records the neighbor kid’s car when he starts it…no visual just the noise. it will record me exiting the garage but not returning. Guess I got a lemon.