Snapshots still showing when disabled

I am a shared user on several different cameras. Even though snapshots is turned off by the owners of the cameras I am still seeing them on my iphone app. When I log into my account on the computer snapshots is working correctly. How do I get snapshots to work on my iphone correctly? This has only been an issue for about two weeks. It worked like it should before then. When I called Ring support they suggested turning off modes, but we do not want to do that because modes are used by other users when needed and we do not want the owners to have to disable it whenever someone else needs it done.

Hi @Dinkie. In order to stop the Camera Preview Tiles in the Ring app to stop showing an updated image, the owner has to disable Motion Detection for the specific Ring device as well. Other wise the Preview Tiles in the Ring app update the image based on the last motion captured, Live View or Snapshot. I hope this helps!