Snapshot missing on Stickup cam

I have 2 stickup cameras, both are setup exactly the same, powered by an outlet, and are set to be used out doors, and both are Gen3. One of my stickup cams has the Snapshot feature in the app while the other camera does not.

I called ring’s out sourced support line and was told to make sure the cam was up to date which it was and than was told to reset the camera which I than I had to re join back to my app and my WiFi of which I did 3 times. Still no SnapShot feature for that one Cam. Why & wtf?

I need that feature because of where I have the camera located. How do I get that feature to become available for that camera?

Hey @Ezra4no1. Happy to help with this! Just want to double check first - are you also using the Modes feature in the Ring app with these devices? Sometimes having a certain Mode on that restricts video recording can also then affect Snapshot. Just to ensure this is not causing a problem, if you have been using Modes, please put the cameras in Disarm mode, and see if Snapshot is available/working. In the event you still don’t have this, please attach a screenshot of a page within your app for both devices. This will be a screenshot of your Device Settings for the device (Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Stick Up Cam > Device Settings > and then screenshot this page to show that one device has Snapshot and the other does not. Please also ensure if you see Snapshot Capture in the Device Settings for both devices that you also click on Snapshot Capture and ensure it is toggled on. Thank you!

If your fishing rod is a node type,you can bind it to camera.

I use java and ArSceneView for example:

node.setLocalPosition(new Vector3(0.1f, 0.1f, -1.0f)); arSceneView.getScene().getCamera().addChild(node);

I hope that I understand what you mean.