Snapshot feature

I have been waiting for the snapshot feature on my 5 existing cameras to arrive and have seen people post that it will happen thru an app update and others say no, it will happen thru a device firmware update. Can anyone say with certainty which it is?


The problem is resolved for me. I deleted one of my cameras and then added it again and all my cameras now have snapshot feature. I did not lose my videos.

Check your firmware first on each device. If they say up to date you’re good. If not you still need the firmware update.
As for the app. You just need to check and see if there is one on your phone or other device.
I have one device only that doesn’t update the firmware but my app says it does since it’s listed in my device settings. I have to reach out to Ring to see if my device can have it pushed or if I need a replacement.
My other devices all have the feature and work.
My Floodlight is the oldest of them all, so I think it may need to be replaced at this point.

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