Snapshot every 30 seconds for battery

Many people have solid solar recharging, so the camera batteries never dip below 98%. More-frequent snapshot options might drain the battery or might not. Users can figure that out.

For that matter, offer most wired features in battery mode/solar.

No, the typical user is unlikely to “figure that out.”
I’ve encountered enough people who complain about the battery life on their phones and don’t realize all the social media apps and games that are on their phone cut into battery life. So to think the average technically challenged person is going to understand the correlation between ramping up the settings on their Ring camera and battery life isn’t likely high and is probably the reason Ring isn’t going to allow settings that are going to be detrimental for the “average person.”
Theres been posts in these forums of people who complain about battery life and when asked to tone down the features on their cameras to regain battery life they are grateful but didn’t realize the correlation.
Good luck with your suggestion.