Snapshot Capturing in Single Colored Hues

We have 2 (4 months old) Ring doorbells. One is working fine, the other is having video problems. The recording quality is jumping from normal to different colored hues; magenta, red, green. One color at a time. This happens mostly in ‘snapshots’ but sometimes at the beginning of ‘motion detected’ recordings.

What would be causing this and can you explain how to fix it? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @Anne202b. When a device is having a colorization concern, it could be that the camera was unable to adjust quickly enough to the colors outside for the Snapshot, or this delay also causes it to be like this for the beginning of the film roll. For your device that is having the different colors for Snapshots and the beginning of your recordings, could you try a hard reset on the device? For this, you will press and hold down the setup button for 30 seconds, and then observe the recordings and snapshots from after that. Let me know if this helps!


I pressed the reset button for 30 seconds and then put the doorbell back up. Now I have no recordings, snapshots and nothing happens when I push the doorbell.

Now what?


@Anne202b What status does the Doorbell say in your app, online or offline?


It says ‘online’. But when I open the app, and it shows the cameras (front and back doors), the front door camera isn’t updating…says the time when I reset the door bell. (The back doorbell camera says updated seconds ago)

I can’t do live view, either. It says ‘activating device’ for at least a minute. Then it says ‘streaming error’: options of ‘more info’ or ‘reconnect’.

@Anne202b Since your Front Door is the one that is not loading or activating the device when trying to access the Live View, it seems like you may have to reconnect it to your wifi network. If you can, go into Devices > Front Door > Device Health > Change Wifi Network. This will walk you through a new setup of your Doorbell, having to press the setup button, select the network to connect to and so on. Once you walk through the setup and it’s complete, try to load the Live View and let me know how this goes!

That did it, Chelsea!! Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and effort to help me out! :slight_smile: I’m back online!

Now…to see if the colorization issue is resolved. I’ll let you know tonight or tomorrow.

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@Anne202b Yes!! That’s a win for us. :smiley_cat: Please definitely keep me posted!

Chelsea ~


We did two tests, one without a porch light, and one with a brighter light.

No colorization problems with either.

That said, I believe the low 25 watt bulb was our problem, possibly causing the Ring’s camera aperture to malfunction.

Thanks again for all your help!!!


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@Anne202b Amazing! Great news to hear coming back from the weekend, so I’m so happy it worked out for you. :slight_smile: The porch light affecting it does make sense, glad we got to this resolution!