Snapshot capture

Recently I’ve noticed that my hourly snapshot capture time will change randomly in the middle of the night. For example, the entire day previous my hourly snapshot will happen at the 6th minute of every hour (1:06, 2:06, 3:06 etc). In the middle of the night though, the hourly snapshot capture changed to the 26th minute of every hour and has since stayed the same. I’ve tried to look this up previously and have had no luck. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this on their snapshots, or if this is a normal thing that the doorbell changes on it’s own.

Snapshot frequency might differ for a battery powered device, and changing it to most frequent can drain a battery quicker. If your battery died or your Camera lost connection for anytime, this could also impact the timing you are seeing.

With this being said, your device will continue to take snapshots at regular intervals and store the snapshots in your device’s local flash memory, even if it falls offline. Once your device goes back online, snapshots stored locally on your device will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Please Note : Once the flash memory’s storage limit has been reached, the oldest snapshots will be overwritten by newer ones.

If this does not explain or resolve this concern, our support team can look into this further for you. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.