Snapshot capture on Stick up 3rd gen?

Hi all

ring website says snapshot capture is not available on stick up cams 3rd gen.
That’s a bit counterintuitive seeing the feature working on older 2nd gen and not working on newer 3rd.
@Ring, any chance the feature is rolled out for stickup 3rd gen in the future? or it won’t be available at all? (eg because the 3rd gen hardware can’t support this)

It would be good to know, because I just got a bunch of new stick up cams, and planned to use the feature. If it won’t work at all, they will go back, and I will be looking for a different model.

Says coming 2020 for 3rd gen.
Here’s what I found on the site.
What Ring devices have the snapshot capture feature?
Snapshot capture is available on all Ring devices except the Stick Up Cam (3rd Generation) (coming in 2020).

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Thanks, did not realize that it was about the feature, not the cams themself :slight_smile:

But looking at other delayed Ring features like Modes, it can easily be available a year later … ;(