Snapshot - Adjust Share Time Frame


I love the idea of snapshots - they are really cool, and I really want to download snapshots to create and save a movie of how things changed during the day. However the current option to download/share by default only seems to allow you to get 15 minutes - and you cannot select the time (you can position the cursor but not sure how the time “range” is selected).

So here is my suggestion to enable this:

When I select “share” on the device to download the snapshots - allow me to enter the start time and end time for the snapshots - then download all snapshots between the two times into a movie on my device.


Yes, please add this feature. It would be nice to access the snapshots online from my PC as it would be a lot easier to do.

I’d also like to be able to apply filters for downloading. For example, I’d like to be able to download only Motion Events between May 17 3:40 pm to May 24 11:30 am, or download only Captured Snapshots between May 12 2:40 pm to May 25 8:30 am.