Smoke Detectors

I am thinking of replacing a few older smoke detectors with the first alert units with ZWave supported by Ring alarm. Does anyone know the behavor if one alarms? Does it tell any other ones to alarm? Similar to an interconnect system.

So the other detectors will not go off (the particular model does not link that way). The Ring system itself, the hub, and any sirens, will activate in the event of an alarm.

If you have an interconnected system, or wanted to purchase one, you could just get one alarm listner. That way all detectors will sound, as well as the ring system.

The first alert detectors are affordable and work well. I’ve had a couple going on 4 years now with no issues. The only downfall now is only the dual detectors are compatable. They do sell just a smoke detector without the CO but it doesnt link properly to the system. The good news is, there is only a few dollar difference between the two.

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