Smoke Detector option in UK app

We in the UK are able to purchase the First Alert Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector woth z wave plus from amazon US but when trying to add it to the UK app the smoke detectors section is missing and although the First Alert is a z wave plus unit the UK app will not add this to it.

I think its a no brainer to have this option available to the UK and possibly other non US nations and it seems strange we can have a mailbox sensor but not a smoke detector as most or nearly all the other alarm systems in this category have this as a standard add on…

So i am politely asking Ring to Please add the smoke detector option to the UK app ASAP as this would make the Ring Alarm System a more complete all round attractive purchase.

As the remote control unit has the Fire Alert button on it hopefully we haven’t succumb to the fumes before it can be pressed!

Again please get this added


It’s not allowed dye to regulations in uk which require uk smoke alarms to be mains powered.

That may be correct for Landlords who are renting out to private tenants or if you have a Professional alarm installed and has central station monitoring ( this is not the same thing as Ring Assisted Monitoring we get in the UK i.e there is no manned service for us like in the US ) but as a private individual whether renting our owning your own home you can install any type of smoke / Heat / Water / detectors and they can be Battery or mains. In the UK even the fire service promotes the use of extra detectors so there is absolutely no reason not to allow private individuals doing this and having access to the Ring App ( UK Version) to include this option. Just to clarify with the assisted monitoring we get from Ring in the UK when we have an alarm activation there is no-one person at a call centre or any emergency services that contact us are alarms just dial a set number we program into the Alarm and the autodial ( non maned ) recorded message just lets know what type of alarm was activated and we then make a choice to personally call the services ourselves. I hope this helps .


Unfortunately z-wave devices bought from another region uses a different wireless frequency and are incompatible. It’s a shame there are no supported smoke alarm options for customers outside USA, I really hope that will change. The First Alert ZCOMBO looks like a nice device if someone could just talk them into making a European model, but I really think we should be allowed to pair whatever z-wave device we want if we accept a disclaimer that the device is not certified to work correctly.

Any news on this?

Ring Team, we are buying up sensors quicker than you are giving us things to buy… It doesn’t make business sense.

PLEASE get on this - The support for zwave fire & co combo sensors are especially desirable to bring two of the most important home things together.