Smoke detector near furnace

I am moving from another system to Ring. I have previously used hardwired (Ademco) systems with ADT, Smartthings, and Xfinity alarm systems. In my current house, I have a hallway in the basement with the furnace and water heater in a closet with a louvered door. The hall is the best place for a smoke detector since the laundry is also nearby. The smoke detector was in that spot when I bought the house and the previous alarm installers also told me that was the correct place for it to be.

I bought the Z-COMBO detectors for the rest of the house, but shouldn’t have a CO detector that close to the furnace/water heater. I need smoke detection only for that spot.

1.) I have read that the First Alert Z-SMOKE won’t send an alarm signal to Ring. If I purchase a Z-SMOKE unit, will it show in my dashboard? I know I would also need to purchase an alarm listener.

2.) I could purchase a regular smoke detector and alarm listener.

3.) Purchase the Z-COMBO and somehow disable the CO detection (is this even possible?)

Good question, @r6kmb. Thank you for describing this scenario in great detail! The best configuration for this will be the one mentioned in your 2nd option. The Alarm Smoke and Co Listener will certainly work for a Smoke only alarm. In the testing stage, during setup, the Listener will allow you to listen for only smoke. Avoiding any CO detection in an area where it is not recommended, would certainly be obtained best through the smoke only option.

As for First Alert Smoke and CO compatibility with the Ring app, this is a Certified Works With Ring device. This means that there is some functionality in the Ring app to see the device’s status, however, the ability to control the device’s main features (Smoke/ CO) is not an option at this time.

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