Looking to have some alarm integration with Smartthings. Simple things like, if smoke/co alarm, turn on lights, unlock doors. Or if intrusion alarm, turn on lights etc.


Hey , this is a great idea to keep your ‘Ring of security’ robust and automated! What you are looking to obtain is going to be best accomplished with tools like IFTTT, recipe based plugins, or even 3rd party apps.

We are working to bring as many integration and automation features as possible in the future, but for now specific rules can be implemented through various external methods.

Keep an eye on this thread in hopes that neighbors out there who have succeeded in this functionality might respond with some helpful tips!

I would love to see more intergration with Ring Alarm inside SmartThings. I know this a tough area to expand as my guess Ring does want anything open for errors and false alarms which makes perfect sense but it would be great to have some control over some features.


Let me talk to my team and see whats on the roadmap :slight_smile:

I have done some external integrations but would like an offical one.

Some simple things I did with my old system:

Fire alarm will turn on lights, turn off smart plugs (for instance, the one tied into my pellet stove), and unlock the doors.

Intrustion alarm: Turn on lights and/or flash lights


good feedback! We’ll pass this along to the team and update you with more information when it comes.

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Is Ring integration with SmartThings now dead? Cannot find any recent information about it.

Hi @Evanesq, Ring is currently exploring integration opportunities with a number of partners based on what will best empower our neighbors with affordable, effective ways to monitor their homes. Going forward, we will announce these partnerships as soon as they are ready.

Keep us posted neighbors on what integrations you’re most interested in!

The partnership with SmartThings that Ring and Samsung advertised all over the internet as a feature was what empowered me with an affordable and effective way to monitor the 4 devices I own but now cannot utilize effectively because someone changed their mind and quietly took the option away from me. Now, I have Alexa which only discovers 3 of those 4 devices. Thanks!


One of the main reasons I went with Ring was for the smartthings intergration. Removing that partnership would require me to change over to a different camera inorder to keep the seemless intergration with my other IOT devices. As it is now, I can’t seem to intergrate the new indoor stickup camera with Smartthings. I may have to return them if I cannot intergrate them. Please let me know.

Monnow, Sorry but I am new to the Ring Community forums but not new to Ring, Alexa, and Samsung’s Smarthings. I have two locations that I have Ring cameras setup and have intergrated them into the Smartthings app. Did you see or read something that indicates that this intergration will cease to work something in the future?

What I want to see is the Ring Security hub intergrated into Smartthings. That is what I see as missing. Can the ring moderator comment on that? thanks

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Hi rckymtfun, I have a few different cameras. The older models are showing up in Smartthings but the newer models are not.

I have two Ring Spotlight Cameras for the front yard. I just purchased one of the two in December. The model is slightly different. The new camera as well as two new indoor stickup cameras, do not show up.

Monnow; I just purchased, in December, my Ring Doorbell Pro and two Floodlight Cameras for a 2nd home. All were just installed at the beginning of January and all can be seen through Smartthings. I just recently purchased 4 Spotlight Cameras with Solar panels and they are waiting for me to install them. Hopefully they all can also be seen from within Smartthings.

I have to admit my 1st home has numerios ring cameras but all were purchsed in 2018/2019 and also can be seen in Smartthings.

I do remember that the Floodlight Cams that were installed in the 2nd home went through updates when then came online. Maybe that is the issue for yours.

Good luck.

Maybe the Moderator can give us an update on any intergration issues.

That the Ring Alarm (or hub as you called it) does not integrate with SmartThings has been very frustrating. If I could have this integration my home automation + home security would be complete.

I also have Smarthings Hub and the “security camera” products are integrated (i.e., Ring Doorbell 2 and Floodlight Cam); however, the sensors tied to the Ring Security are not integrated. I wish they were; however, in the interim I do have Echo devices and use the Smarthings integration with Alexa to bring these together. The problem has been that SmartThings allows multiple locations and the Alexa Skills app for Smarthings only allows connection to a single Smarthings Hub. I have done numerous “workarounds” trying to get things to work and it has necessitated setting up a separate Amazon Alexa account at our vacation home and using an old phone no longer “activated” as a “remote” to set everything up and operate the apps.

Hopefully, in the future Amazon will realize there is a need to control multiple locations!

Agreed - I have smart things have leak detectors . Federation would be nice to have a single pane of glass with ring.

I’m looking for the Ring Alarm to be integrated with SmartThings as well.

Just wanted to pop in and add my vote to this. While I can integrate the Ring and SmartThings devices together in Alexa, the automation that Alexa provides is limited. SmartThings is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest in customizing your home automation.

I have a Ring Indoor Cam but cannot find it in the SmartThings cam devices for Ring. It seems only the Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam Mount, Spotlight Cam Wired, and Stick Up Cam Battery are supported. I got this as a package deal with my garage door opener. I had to jump through several hoops to get that going. I’m not even sure where to look for this type of device. My Ring Doorbell 3 works. Very frustrating.

I was looking to purchase additional ring cameras to integrate with my smartthings setup but it appears there have been issues with ring integrating them. I understand not linking the ring alarm but if you advertise that the cameras work with smartthings then update or fix it so that it does. @Riley_Ring can you please provide an update if this is something ring is working on with smartthings. I have the ring doorbell elite & floodcam but will not add any additional ring products until this gets fixed. Worst case is I know arlo is working with smartthings fixing the intergrations which is another option, but I prefer ring. Thank you.