SmartThings device connection issue

When attempting to connect my Video Doorbell 2 in the SmartThings iOS app I receive the following error and can not continue. However when I login to my Ring account I can see it’s been added. It just doesn’t show up in the SmartThings app. Just wondered if there was a way to resolve this? I tried reinstalling the SmartThings app.


Hi there, @MrJamesMoore! The best next step here will be to ensure the Ring device being used is one that smartthings will work with. When visiting Works with SmartThings > tap on “Works With Smartthings” > then choose “view all” from the main header image > and select Ring. This should bring you to a page which lists Smartthings compatible Ring devices. If you’ve confirmed your Ring devices will work with smartthings per their website, the best next step might be to reach out to the smartthings team. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: