Smart switch control of (wired) Ring floodlight cam

Hey, Ring Community…

This has been asked a number of times before in this forum, but I wanted to bring it up again since there has never been a good answer.

Is there ANY way to link a “smart switch” to the Ring Floodlight Cam lights? I had a hard wired switch for the old light previously, but bypassed it knowing that this device requires continuous power.

A smart switch link would allow the light to continue any schedule and normal operation, while providing a manual override.

Use case:
I have a Ring floodlight cam mounted in my back yard. Currently I have it on a dusk to dawn schedule with the rest of my Ring outdoor lights. I want to manually turn the floodlights on when I let my dogs outside in the evening (or if I’m just outside enjoying the evening). I want to be able to then shut it off (except for motion) so as not to disturb my neighbors.

Yes, I realize I could just set them for motion only, but occasionally there is nuisance motion from trees that triggers it. Better yet would be triggering them ONLY if a person is detected.

Alternatively, a way to adjust brightness based on motion.

Thoughts? I’ve found ways to do the reverse (Ring triggering my Lutron Caseta interior lights on motion or alarm) but not what I describe.

Ideally a remote from my existing Lutron Caseta system could turn them on and off manually. Lutron Caseta already “works with Ring” but so far I can’t find ANY way to do what I describe.