Smart pathway light battery level (issue)

I plan on reaching out to technical support by end of day but I recently purchased 4 pathlights with bridge. On initial charge each charged until steady light, no blinking thus indicating full charge and unplugged. However on app it indicated, 86%, 80%, 94%, 82%. All lights were disabled, no triggers, lights indicated as off on app. I replugged and left on for a while where there was only a steady light during this time and highest battery levels reached were 98%, 99%, and two 100%. Im confused as when light goes steady it is supposed to be fully charged, so unsure why have to leave plugged in for app to eventually reflect almost full charge. I activated motion triggers to see if it would cause an update in the apps indiacted battery levels, but no change.

Per app. Of the two that reached 100%, one had a drop off of 8% within 75 minutes and then appeared to stabilize over next 150 minutes with only 1% decrease. The second light had a drop off of 5% in first 30 minutes and then stablized over next 180 minutes with 1% decrease. Unsure if it is the batteries or app, etc. Was also wondering what do you do in the future when you need new batteries? Buy any ion battery that matches specs.

I had the same charging indication s…not 100%, but once installed and in the sun, they have been 100% ever since.

Okay. Just wanted it ensure if it was normal. I havent installed outside yet, only used indoor charger.

Customer service had askd other staff who had conflicting thoughts about (said normal to indicate less then 100%, roughly 90-95%, other said should charge 100%). They are supposed to run it by an engineer to confirm and get back to me.

Hi @KnicksCM. Thanks for reaching out and sharing this information. As @wazorn mentioned, once installed outside and in sunlight, you should have a 10% trickle charge daily if you’re getting 4 or more hours of direct sunlight. Your battery may not stay at 100% if you are having lots of motion events throughout the day, but the solar charger should help keep it charged. Be sure to check back in with us here on what our team updates you on!

Unfortunately there has been no follow up regarding this. Still awaiting an answer to confirm if devices should be charging to 100% or not, when utilizing a plug in charger (when not installed, and not using any lights or triggers, thus no battery drain from these actions).