Smart notifications & motion zones

Smart notifications don’t seem to take into account motion zones.

In sunny days and at night, the shadows of people walking past my house in the street stretch over my driveway…almost all the way to the house.

I have set up motion zones for the two Ring devices I have that look over the driveway (doorbell and separate camera) to only capture motions over the driveway (and avoid picking up people passing by on the pavement in front of our driveway).

However it seems that the motion created by the shadows of passing by neighbours on our driveway is picked up and when the video content goes through your AI to establish whether a person is present, the full video is analysed and your system sends a notification that a person has been detected…each time someone walks outside.

It seems to me that the solution would be to take the motion zones into account and only send a notification that a person has been detected if the person was actually inside the motion zone - not if outside of it.

Does that make sense?

I find that the turning ON of smart notifications for recognising people renders the zones inactive ie it records people in the entire view not just the areas i have marked in the customisable zones. Anyone else found this?

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