Smart Lighting Feature Request

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Hi neighbors! At Ring, we take feedback and feature request very seriously. That’s why we’re creating this special post, where you can share any wish list items you’d like to go with your current Smart Lighting features and devices. We’ll keep this post pinned to the top of the Smart Lighting board so you can easily access it. Be sure to do a quick search and see if your item is already on the list to avoid duplicates. If it is, go ahead and give it a ‘kudo’ so we know that is what you want too!

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This is an excellent feature request @enviouspantheon! In fact, you’ve inspired us to create a feature request thread for Smart Lighting, and we’ve made your post the first in the thread. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I have a Floodlight Cam installed in my back yard. When I am in my back yard in the evenings, it is very annoying to have the lights turn on and off while I’m trying to enjoy the patio in my back yard.

I would like to be able to pause or snooze the floodlights so that motion does not turn them on for a period of time, similar to the existing feature that allows me to snooze motion alerts.

I would also like to pause the recording of video for a period of time, as it is not needed or wanted when I’m in my own back yard.



Hi neighbors! Just wanted to let you know, Dusk to Dawn feature is now available for Floodlight Wired and Transformer. Head to the device and click ‘Light Schedules’ > Add Light Schedule > add new schedule. Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns!


Please add the ability to link devices for only certain time periods of the day. I would like to link the motion detectors for all of my path lights to all of my video cameras at night time but not link them in the daytime. In the daytime, the path lights have too many false motion detection events due to moving shadows, direct sunlight, etc. And, in the daytime, the wired cameras have really strong motion detection by themselves. Whereas at night time, the wired cameras seem to have much weaker motion detection and benefit from being linked to motion detectors on nearby path lights. At night, the path lights seem to have reasonably accurate motion detection and trigger nearby cameras appropriately.

Right now, if I link my path lights to my video doorbell pro, I get 50 false motion detections in the daytime and then 50 random videos cluttering my history log. I can turn off notifications, but it still clutters the history log and drowns out more significant events in the history log. If I do not link the pathlights to the video doorbell at all, then the doorbell camera can sense all motion sufficiently in the day and only triggers for meaningful events. However, at night time, people have to get within a few feet of the doorbell for it to trigger. Whereas, at night, if I link the path lights to the doorbell, then the camera starts recording when people are still 15 feet away from the front door.

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There may be better alternatives to accomplish my earlier feature request. For example, instead of having schedules for when devices are linked, you could just allow a schedule for turning the motion detectors completely on/off on the smart light products. Right now, you can turn the detectors fully on/off but it is manual. You are able to silence motion notifications based on a schedule. But, the motion detections are still filling up the event log for the smart lights and also triggering linked cameras to record video. If you can have a schedule for fully turning the motion detectors on/off, then you could avoid filling up the event log and triggering linked cameras if there are time periods during the day when you expect to have numerous false motion events on the path lights. I still get 50+ false events in the day due to sunlight and shade patterns moving. I assume that this issue is more likely to happen with the pathlights since the motion sensors are so close to the ground. At night, when I need the motion detection from the pathlights, it works perfectly with no false events.

It would be useful if smart lighting motion sensors could sound Chime Pros and basic Chimes (the ones that work with the Ring doorbells). Alternatively if a smart lighting chime device could be developed that would be fine.


Be able to add a smart switch connected throught he ring alarm to the linked devices. I’d like my pathlights to be able to activate the Leviton smart switch I have linked to the alarm to turn on my porch lights.


Are there any plans to have the floodlight, spotlight or step lights solar powered?


I’m interested in the Pathlight and the Floodlight Battery, but not as long as they require constant battery replacements. Please add a solar recharge option to keep battery costs down. Batteries like the 18650 are getting more powerful and costs are dropping.


I can’t invite someone to a property with only smart lights. There are no toggles to allow the access, so the send invite remains grayed out after entering an email address.
I checked another property with cameras and if I toggle a camera to allow access it works correctly.

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I have cameras and smart lighting at the same location. I can add shared users to the cameras, but not to smart lighting groups or devices. Ring support told me the feature only works with the iPhone app, not Android. My request is to add it to Android.


I am unable to share on iOS.


I would like to request that a capability be added so that a different app alert tone can be set for each lighting group. Currently this is possible for each camera. It would be very helpful to have the same capability for each lighting group.

It is important so that just by the sound coming from the phone the user knows where the motion has been detected. For example, at the front door vs. back door.

I use the Android app and don’t see that this capability exists. There appears to be only a single app notification available for all of smart lighting.


I was very excited to see this post, but I cannot locate the dawn-to-dusk feature on my new floodlight camera. Is this feature only available on the floodlight but not the floodlight camera? If so, do you know when the feature will be made available for the floodlight camera? This feature is very import for any outdoor light. Thank you!


Same boat here. I have 2 floodlight cameras and just about to sell them off. The camera knows the location, it’s very easy easy to get sunrise/sunset schedule. From there, I should be able to schedule the light based on

  • Turn on at plus/minus X minutes from sunset
  • Turn off after X minutes or at plus/minus X minutes from sunrise

Getting annoyed that I have to change my schedule every 2 weeks.

This would be great, it’s very annoying behaviour.

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Create a switch/button which allow users to manually turn on light(s)/light group(s).

In my use case (as an example), I would like to be able to turn on lights in the backyard before letting the dogs out.

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This is the perfect solution!!! I’d love to see this come to fruition ?

Any eta on this request? re: adjust brightness.