Smart Lighting Feature Request

Hi Marley. It would be a great feature if different app notification sounds could be set for each smart lighting group. For example getting different tones for a backdoor group and a front door group would very useful.

In addition, what’s Ring’s reaction to the multiple requests above to be able to have shared users for smart lighting?


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Hello Ring technicians

Can you allown me to adjust the light motion sensor like I can adjust the actual motion sensor. I can adjust the motiion sensor with my phone perectly however I cannot adjust the Light motion sensor like that. The light motion sensor has Minimal and then goes up is stages. You cannot fine tune it like the normal motion sensor. I have to keep mine on minimum, if I go up the next step , Cars driving bye set it off. You need to allow us to adjust the light sensor just like the motion sensor. Please update the firmware.

As we already have security and convenience lighting features such as external floodlights, and internal lights already in our home, I would like to see the ability to integrate them into routines and orchestrations linked to Ring motion detectors. Specifically, I would like to be able to use the smart light switches certified by Ring (such as those sold by GE) to integrate those existing lights into my “Ring of security” by being able to activate them when Ring motion detectors are activated. I would like the same capability implemented for smart outlets. The binary on-off capability currently provided through manually using the app is insufficient to make those third party “smart” switches and outlet effective or useful for security purposes. Enabling this capability would improve the effectiveness of the Ring system and our home security in the same way and with the same ease that wi-fi extenders that use the existing in-house wiring infrastructure to extend our wi-fi networks improves and enhances our in-home wifi experience.

I would like to have the same access to controls, features, and alerts across my family’s devices. Impressed with the Ring Doorbell, we made the next jump and added to Ring Floodlights and bridge to our home only to find that the alerts and controls can only be received by the primary account. After contacting Customer Support, I was told that the only option was to have my wife (who has different alert settings then I do) log out of her account and log in to mine. Please develop the ability to at least alert the primary and shared devices.

Thank you in advance,



Smart Lighting should have the option for SOLAR CHARGING of the batteries. Of course, this is a missed opportunity now, as they designed the lights with regular batteries, not rechargeables. Should have used the Ring batteries at least, so they could be used within the entire system and recharged. Best would be to have solar charging as an option.

I wish the solar panel would keep the battery charged. Waste of money!!


I have a solar Spotlight Cam that charges perfectly. In fact, I’ve seen it charge even on very cloudy days. It’s been overcast and raining here since sunrise. The battery level is at 100%. In fact, I was going to buy a 2nd battery, but I don’t see the need.

I don’t like how the motion settings are different than the AC powered version on the Solar Spotlight Cam, but that’s a different matter. Have you checked the settings on your camera (and lights) to make sure it’s not being activated too often? That in itself could make a huge difference and stop false alerts. Or perhaps you have a defective solar panel or light?

Is there a page on line that has thorough menu tree with new features clearly marked? I’m a Newby and trying to figure out where all the settings are, which ones are Global, which ones are group, which ones are for a specific fixture.

Hopefully this will help.

I installed my Floodlight Wired in my attached garage as an automatic light as the light switch is inside the house – is there any way to add a feature to allow the internal timer in the motion sensor to reset it’s countdown whenever it detects motion? Also, for much longer than 5min countdown when using this mode?

I’ve set the timer to the max of 5min, but when the 5min is up, the light turns off for roughly 15-20 sec while the system resets, then turns back on when it detects motion. Example: If I’m tending to the laundry in the garage, the lamp will turn off while I’m folding the clothes coming out of the dryer, and this may happen a couple of times. Not fun being pitched into darkness. This also happened another time while I was coming back out to remove a large item from my car, went dark while holding an 80 pound box.

Otherwise, I love the easy setup and brightness of the unit.

Please advise…


I would like to be able to control the Ring Floodlight Cam lights from Amazon Alexa. Currently I use an Alexa routine to turn on driveway lights when I approach my home but I cannot turn on the Ring Floodlight Cam lights at the same time. Ideally I would create an Alexa group that includes the Ring Floodlight Cam lights. Thank you.

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Standard home type dual floodlights, with or without motion sensors, have the ability to be adjusted both in a horizontal and vertial plane. The Ring Smart Light Wire Floodlight can only be adjusted in the vertical plane. This lack of adjustment reduces the field or angle of illumination. Rather than the lights only pointing 90 degrees to the side of the home or building, it would be beneficial to be able to turn the lights to point at a lesser angle to increase the area of illumination. For example, if you are mounting a light on the side of your house near the middle, it would be best to have the ability to point one light 15 or 30 degrees to the left and the other to the right. The Ring floodlight camera has this ability to be angled in two directions to some degree.

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Is there anything in the works for 4X4 post cap lights, preferably solar?

Ring Partner Z Wave wall switches should be integrated into the bridge functionality like smart lights. I would like to turn on a GE light switch when I sense motion in my back yard. Is this availabe today or is this on the roadmap?


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It would be great if there is a magnetic sensor mount for sticking up the metal gutter or fence

Floodlight wired do not seem to have a Dusk-to-Dawn feature. It would be nice to have a way to enable the lights on low brightness during the night so there is some light available outside of the house.


Definitely and thank you for this suggestion! We will pass it along to the team :slight_smile:


I completely agree with this suggestion.


I’m glad that we have a scheduling feature on spotlight wired, but I feel like we’re still missing real dusk to dawn feature.

Ideally, we’d be able to set a schedule for the lights with user-specified brightness which turn on full brightness when motion is detected.

No scheduling = Pitch black

With Scheduling = insanely bright all night (or whenever the schedule is for).

Happy medium = Brightness at 50% (or whatever) with full brightness at motion.

This is basically how the path lights function now.


Yes, this seems like a very useful add. I have several $15.00 floodlights that have this function.