Smart Lighting Feature Request

I’m interested in the Pathlight and the Floodlight Battery, but not as long as they require constant battery replacements. Please add a solar recharge option to keep battery costs down. Batteries like the 18650 are getting more powerful and costs are dropping.


I can’t invite someone to a property with only smart lights. There are no toggles to allow the access, so the send invite remains grayed out after entering an email address.
I checked another property with cameras and if I toggle a camera to allow access it works correctly.

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I have cameras and smart lighting at the same location. I can add shared users to the cameras, but not to smart lighting groups or devices. Ring support told me the feature only works with the iPhone app, not Android. My request is to add it to Android.


I am unable to share on iOS.


I would like to request that a capability be added so that a different app alert tone can be set for each lighting group. Currently this is possible for each camera. It would be very helpful to have the same capability for each lighting group.

It is important so that just by the sound coming from the phone the user knows where the motion has been detected. For example, at the front door vs. back door.

I use the Android app and don’t see that this capability exists. There appears to be only a single app notification available for all of smart lighting.


I was very excited to see this post, but I cannot locate the dawn-to-dusk feature on my new floodlight camera. Is this feature only available on the floodlight but not the floodlight camera? If so, do you know when the feature will be made available for the floodlight camera? This feature is very import for any outdoor light. Thank you!


Same boat here. I have 2 floodlight cameras and just about to sell them off. The camera knows the location, it’s very easy easy to get sunrise/sunset schedule. From there, I should be able to schedule the light based on

  • Turn on at plus/minus X minutes from sunset
  • Turn off after X minutes or at plus/minus X minutes from sunrise

Getting annoyed that I have to change my schedule every 2 weeks.

This would be great, it’s very annoying behaviour.

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Create a switch/button which allow users to manually turn on light(s)/light group(s).

In my use case (as an example), I would like to be able to turn on lights in the backyard before letting the dogs out.

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This is the perfect solution!!! I’d love to see this come to fruition ?

Any eta on this request? re: adjust brightness.

Probably two requests here:

  1. Let the Smart Lighting motion detectors trigger a Camera - We have a series of Steplights mounted on a fence along our driveway, with a Spotlight Camera at one end of the driveway. The lights will detect someone well before the camera can, so we’d like them to trigger recording.

  2. Share Smart Lighting motion events for camera triggers - We live on a shared driveway. Our Ring Camera covers part of the area, and our neighbor’s Ring Camera covers another part. We coordinate our Ring coverage . We would like to have the Smart Light motion sensors be sharable so ou r neighbor could use them to trigger their camera.

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I would like to see in the activity log, when the floodlights come on and when they go off, and whether it was manually triggered, or motion triggered.

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I would like to be able to adjust the schedule and time interval for the SNAPSHOT CAPTURE feature. Give me the ability to schedule what days I want it to be on or off, and how long between snapshots. It appears right now, the interval is 15 minutes. I would like the ability to change that to a different interval. I would like the ability to schedule the SNAPSHOT capture for different days and times of the day. For instance, I know my garbage is picked up on say Thursday, usually between 7am - 10am. And on this Thursday, I have a delivery coming between 6pm - 9pm. It would be nice to schedule those independantly, instead of having the feature on all day just to be able to cover these deliveries or pickup times.

Hi Marley. It would be a great feature if different app notification sounds could be set for each smart lighting group. For example getting different tones for a backdoor group and a front door group would very useful.

In addition, what’s Ring’s reaction to the multiple requests above to be able to have shared users for smart lighting?


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Hello Ring technicians

Can you allown me to adjust the light motion sensor like I can adjust the actual motion sensor. I can adjust the motiion sensor with my phone perectly however I cannot adjust the Light motion sensor like that. The light motion sensor has Minimal and then goes up is stages. You cannot fine tune it like the normal motion sensor. I have to keep mine on minimum, if I go up the next step , Cars driving bye set it off. You need to allow us to adjust the light sensor just like the motion sensor. Please update the firmware.

As we already have security and convenience lighting features such as external floodlights, and internal lights already in our home, I would like to see the ability to integrate them into routines and orchestrations linked to Ring motion detectors. Specifically, I would like to be able to use the smart light switches certified by Ring (such as those sold by GE) to integrate those existing lights into my “Ring of security” by being able to activate them when Ring motion detectors are activated. I would like the same capability implemented for smart outlets. The binary on-off capability currently provided through manually using the app is insufficient to make those third party “smart” switches and outlet effective or useful for security purposes. Enabling this capability would improve the effectiveness of the Ring system and our home security in the same way and with the same ease that wi-fi extenders that use the existing in-house wiring infrastructure to extend our wi-fi networks improves and enhances our in-home wifi experience.

I would like to have the same access to controls, features, and alerts across my family’s devices. Impressed with the Ring Doorbell, we made the next jump and added to Ring Floodlights and bridge to our home only to find that the alerts and controls can only be received by the primary account. After contacting Customer Support, I was told that the only option was to have my wife (who has different alert settings then I do) log out of her account and log in to mine. Please develop the ability to at least alert the primary and shared devices.

Thank you in advance,



Smart Lighting should have the option for SOLAR CHARGING of the batteries. Of course, this is a missed opportunity now, as they designed the lights with regular batteries, not rechargeables. Should have used the Ring batteries at least, so they could be used within the entire system and recharged. Best would be to have solar charging as an option.

I wish the solar panel would keep the battery charged. Waste of money!!