Smart light notifications can't be controlled by shared user when grouped with a camera

After an hour with Support, here’s the situation. Recording it here for others:

  1. Ring camera and Ring Solar Wall light grouped together, so that motion detected by the light starts the camera recording.

  2. Ring camera is shared with my wife, so she can see the video feeds.
    Note: Smart lights can’t be shared with other users.

  3. She has notifications and alerts from this camera turned OFF.

4. The motion detected by the LIGHT causes push notifications to her App.
5. Naturally, the CAMERA’s notifications can be controlled in her app.
6. But, since the LIGHT does not appear in her app (not shared, nor shareable), there is no way to turn OFF those notifications

(Turning them off in my app has no effect, of course.)

Support’s answer was to ungroup the LIGHT from the CAMERA. This works, naturally.

However, it seems clear to us that the integration of Smart Lights with Cameras in the context of camera sharing has a design omission – namely:
a) Notifications from not sharable, and not shared, LIGHT devices reach the secondary users’ app by virtue of the indirect, group relationship
b) There is no way to control or turn off those notifications.