Smart light not working

Smart light connected and worked yesterday after installation. Today lights won’t turn on, connects to bridge. I removed light from bridge, reconnected it. It connected and downloaded update. Light still don’t turn on. It says it’s on in the app but it is not on.

Naturally it’s 24 feet high and I had to rent a ladder to put it up so going up there to remove it will be costly.

Hi @Jobeslm. Is this a battery, solar or hardwired operated device? I would make sure that your Smart light is either fully charged or receiving the correct amount of power. You may also need to perform a reset of the Smart Light, which you would have to be able to access the Smart Light to do. When you are able to get to the device, I would recommend a power cycle, which means removing it from power for 3 minutes, then powering back up. I hope this helps!