Smart light does not alert my phone

I installed the smart light and connected it to a bridge.

When the motion sensor activates, the light turns on and the ring doorbell starts recording video, but I don’t get an alert on my phone that activity has been detected.

Is the smart light supposed to alert you or does it just activate the recording?

Yes, my smart lights do notify me. Without knowing which smart light you have, there is a setting for the spotlight, floodlight, and path light to turn on motion detection.
Settings, devices, under lights you should have a group for your smart lights, the device you have, then motion settings.
That should enable the notifications. If you still don’t receive them, you may need to check your phone to make sure you allowed the Ring app to notify you.

The one I have is the Floodlight wired one (two of them)

I will take another look at the settings.


You have to enable the notifications, but you definitely should receive them. Make sure you don’t have motion snooze on!