Smart Bulb Brightness and Link Question

I just spent nearly $5,000 outfitting my house with every Ring product you can buy. I have many concerns about things not working, and before I invest many hours of my time on a support call (as others have), I figured I would just ask a few simple questions here.

  1. Can I plug an A19 smart bulb into a lamp, change the brightness to low in the Ring app, turn off the lamp, and then turn it back on with the same brightness setting?

  2. Can I plug an A19 smart bulb into my front porch fixture and link it so it turns on when the video doorbell senses motion?

Thank you

I’m really enjoying this Ring setup, but I’ve been keeping a list of “cons” and it keeps growing. I’m at the point where I have to decide if I want to pay for pro monitoring. I’m getting dangerously close to requesting a refund as it’s getting ridiculous.

  • Only one person in a household can control the “smart” lights (this is crazy)
  • Smart light groups cannot be dimmed. My ceiling fans with three bulbs have to be dimmed individually
  • Smart light bulbs do not retain settings when turned off and on
  • Smart light bulbs cannot be linked to any other devices
  • Motion sensors cannot trigger other devices
  • The Alarm Pro base station is supposed to replaced my, high-end, very expensive Cable Modem/Wi-Fi/Router device but offers none of the same features
  • There is no silent alarm mode if you don’t want to trip the ear-drum shattering siren while testing the system out. The work around is to turn on
  • Floodlight Cam Pro Wired lights do not come on automatically if the power is switched off and on
  • I still haven’t received my flood/freeze sensor I ordered almost three weeks ago
  • Poor Support: I don’t want to spend hours and hours on my day off talking to Ring support about how to dim a light bulb. Why is there no email or official forum? If the Support people are working off a troubleshooting document, why isn’t this available to the consumer? I chatted once and was given completely wrong info about changing the Wi-Fi network on devices.
  • No desktop or regular website controls. You have to use the tiny app.

What about Homekit. Has anyone tried that to fix Ring’s shortcomings?