Smart Alerts and Motion Sensitivity for camera in app

Hello! I have a hard time interpreting the settings in the app. After the latest update of the app, I have received “Smart Alerts” at the camera settings in my alarm. There you can choose “Person” or “Other motion”, I have chosen “Person”.

What I do not really understand is when I go to “Motion Sensitivity” under “Motion Settings” - there are four choices from min to max, but there is no text about what each step means. Do these settings even affect the app settings because I have selected “Smart Alerts”?

The slider under “Motion Sensitivity” does not change when I select “Smart Alerts” on or off.

No it doesn’t say what each level is, but if you find that people, objects, other things aren’t being picked up by your device you slide the slider over towards Max. Conversely if you find that you are getting too many alerts, birds, animals, etc. that you don’t want you slide it towards Min.
Once your device determines something is moving then it’ll try to determine if it’s a Person or not, that’s where Smart Alerts comes into play. Based on your settings it’ll record and alert if it thinks there’s a person, and ignores everything else.
So, in your setup that you show it’s 2 steps.

  1. Determine if there’s motion
  2. If it’s a person, then record and alert

So I need to have “Smart Alerts” enabled to prevent my pet from activating the camera? Did not the previous app version have a pet mode?

Can’t say I ever saw a Pet Mode, but since I don’t have any I wasn’t looking for it.
The only thing I saw in the Ring help is pets in reference to the motion detectors with the alarm system, not the cameras.