Skipped recording between events

My recording between 2 back to back events are skipped and has no record for a few seconds. I am using wired Floodlightcam. Is there a setting for this not to happen?

Hi @BogoCebu! If you are inquiring about the time between motion events, or directly following an event, this is likely the time used for recording and saving the event. During an event, a video will record for the default amount of time. This recording is then saved (if you are subscribed), and then the Camera will return to a ready state. The speed of much of this communication process will depend greatly on wifi signal strength. Video connection concerns are often related to wifi, mobile device, or Ring app communication variables. The best first thing to check is your wifi signal strength, or RSSI, which can be found in the Device Health section of your Ring app. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimizing this signal strength. The length of motion videos might also vary due to motion stop, which is explained further in our help center article.

I recommend also checking out the Snapshot feature as this can also add coverage to your timeline. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi @Marley_RIng, yes, I have an annual subscription.

The wifi connections are ok. However, there are still skips on the recording especially at the start of an event, maybe 3-4 seconds of recording lost. Enough that I only see the person already midway to the field from the edge where the motion zones are set up.

I will turn on the snapshot feature.

BTW, it only happens when motion is detected and not while it is regularly recording throughout the day.

Hi @BogoCebu! If this concern is still persisting, your recent updates definitely sounds like potential wifi signal interference. Feel free to check out my previous post for tips on optimizing this signal strength, and fining it in the Device Health section of your Ring app. Feel free to send us a screen shot of your Device Health for a further look. When doing this, please ensure to crop out your MAC ID and any other secure information.