Single Button to Disable Motion Detection on ALL Devices in a Group?

One night last week, my new neighbor messaged me, “Are your lights on a motion detector? They’re freaking me out because they keep flicking on and off!” That night was particularly windy and the flag on the front of my house was triggering motion on one or more of my lights and probably had the ENTIRE GROUP OF LIGHTS going on and off ALL NIGHT .

I know I need to play with motion sensitivity and might even need to disable motion detection for the wired floodlight nearest the flag. There’s also a path light relatively close to that flag that might also have to have motion detection adjusted or disabled. However, this incident generated the following question/request:

Is there or can we get a single button for disabling motion detection on groups? There seems to be a nice, single button called Motion Alerts to disable the alerts en masse, but it would be GREAT to be able to also disable motion detection for all devices within a group, with the simple push of a button. Right now, to disable motion detection, you have to go to the Group : SETTINGS: Motion Settings (Group Motion Settings menu) and then select each device individually. That’s a lot of work when you have nine lights in one group, like I do.

There are SO many settings/options that it often takes a good bit of time to setup and test to get things right. In this instance, I just wanted to shut motion detection down until I could figure it out later and there wasn’t a really quick/easy way to do it. Having a Motion Detection ON/OFF Button to disable all motion detection at the group level would be a GREAT feature. It would allow you to disable motion detection, by group, without losing the ability to control those groups via the app or Alexa, in the meantime.

Thanks, in advance!

I need such a grouping feature. I have two door bells and four flooding light CAM installed in my home. When I drive my car, I turn of a door bell and two light CAMs. When I move garbage bins on collection day, I turn off different sets of devices. When I go out for mowing I turn off all the devices.

I need a sensor grouping feature to turn on and off multiple devices in one operation.