Simple Contact Sensor question

Today I purchased the Ring alarm to replace my current system. I have a quick (and possibly dumb) question regarding Contact Sensor placement:

With my current system, I have the sensor mounted on the door frames with the magnet mounted to the door itself. This is opposite of how Ring shows to mount the Contact Sensors, as it is instructed to mount the Ring Contact Sensor on the door with the magnet on the door frame.

My question is, does it matter which goes where as long as the notches are lined up on the sensors? I’d much prefer to mount the Ring Contact Sensor on my door frames and the magnets on the doors as I have it now. I expect to pull off some stain/paint when removing my existing sensors, so mounting the Ring sensors the same way would help hide whatever rips off with the 3M tape.

I’m only asking because I wanted to install these once, and not twice. I can’t imagine why it would matter (as long as the notches are lined up) if the Ring Contact Sensor gets stuck to the door frame rather than the door, but wanted to ask.

Thank you in advance!

I mounted mine in accordance with best aesthetic appearance.

Back door, the sensor is on door, magnet on casing trim. I had to groove out the casing trim a bit to achieve a flat, flush fit.

Front door, sensor on flat mullion, magnet on door.

Either way works well for me.

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This is a great question @5150Joel ! One that I am sure many neighbors have, and now can benefit from this post. You are more than welcome to mount the magnet on the door and the sensor on the frame, as long as the grooves line up and they are no more than 1/2" (1.27cm) apart, as you stated. Also, I always recommend testing to ensure neither component can get knocked off the door/ frame when opening and closing the door.

Here is our Community Device Tip to installing contact sensors on different door types in case you come across any other unique scenarios. We try to allow as much customization as possible :slight_smile:

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