Simple additional camera for existing Ring System?(in the UK)

Hi, I have an existing Ring System, with multiple floodlights and cams, chat facility on each, etc.

But it would be good to have a simple solar powered wifi camera to overlook one area, but I don’t need all the additional functionality, as these increase the product cost. Is there a “camera-only” cam that I can add to the Ring system? The cam will be external, sited very high up, which makes the extra features (like voice chat) unusable. Are there any products that can help, please ?

Glad you asked, @GazP. It sounds like you might find great interest in our Stick Up Camera Solar. This model of Stick Up Camera comes with a solar panel for charging, does not have illuminating lights like our other Camera models, and includes all the device and Ring app features needed for efficient and intended operation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: