"Silent Alarm"

I live in a townhouse and as a new Ring customer, I’m trying to avoid false alarms/sirens to not disturb neighbors. One way of doing this at least for the first few days I thought of was to not sound the siren, but receive mobile alerts from sensors. I realized, this can be done with Ring. However, there is no “easy” way to do it. What I’ve decided to do is to leave the alarm in the Unarmed state, but individually enable the various sensor alerts (open/closed or motion alerts). This effectively creates a “silent alarm” of sorts. I think this is a very useful feature… Notification is a power in and of itself, but I wish I did not have to disarm my alarm to do this and/or a one-click setting to monitor all devices would be useful.

In fact, I could see use-cases for always wanting to operate in this mode, especially if cameras are involved, where live feeds can be checked for intruders. Is there any better way to do this? Does anyone else have false alarm concerns? I haven;t heard the siren yet but from what I’ve heard it’s quite loud.

Hey @Fortress! Great idea to use the notifications to monitor while disarmed, although, there is no need to be concerned about a false alarm as there are many ways to avoid them.

Your best first step will be to explore the arm/ disarm entry and exit delay options in the Alarm settings of your Ring app. I highly recommend placing your Alarm Keypad strategically, and even using your phone to arm and disarm for the best experience.

Check out our help center article about avoiding false alarms for more tips. :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring funny you say that because today, my third day using this system, I just got a false alarm on my way home. A bedroom motion detector went off in a dark bedroom with nobody in the house, I have no pets, the air was off, all windows closed, blinded and draped.

There is no way there was any motion. Now I’m concerned when else this is going to happen for no apparent reason? Will I be woken up tonight as well?

I’m attempting to find out the same answer, but what I can tell you Fortress, is Motion Detection is the single most “flawed” system when it comes to Alarm Systems… It’s sold in almost every “Security Bundle” out there, but it is the WORST most wasted tool that $$$ can buy, if you can upgrade to Camera’s instead, it would be much more worth it… At least that way, it can distinguish the image, and determine the potential threat more easily… Having been a Security system installer in the past, I always suggest using a “Perimeter Security” system with or without surveillance cams… Meaning: Door & Window Sensors, Video Doorbell and/or Ring: Door View, Monitored Water and Smoke Detectors if you so choose, and even getting the “Smart: Outlets or Plugs” if you like… That way you can keep track of which outlets are working properly and if you have a power outage, while you are out…

Hi. I want to do the same thing but for a completely different reason.

I figure I will get an actual real intruder no more than once every ten years (ok we live in a relatively safe area, I admit).

But I will potentially have to arm/disarm my system at least 5,000 times in that timespan.

To solve this, I would like to leave my system armed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for at least the next ten years. Then I would like to be able to turn off all sirens PERMANENTLY, and run a completely silent alarm system. Read on to see why.

The only sensors I am interested in are the door sensors, which would be permanently active, and would send alerts(pings) to my iPhone and Apple Watch. But no such alerts would ever sound a siren (either internal or external).

I already have Ring cameras which I have setup to do exactly that but at the moment every delivery driver, postman, wife doing the garden, etc, etc, causes unwanted alerts, because none of these are actually going to enter a door into the house, during that activity. Of course no alarm sirens ever sound during this type of camera monitoring, which as far as it goes is exactly what I want.

As an alternative to the above, with my door sensors able to pickup any actual entry through a door (whether ourselves, as the house owners, or actual intruders), I could then turn off the Ring camera alerts completely, because they would now be completely redundant (at least for me). Why on earth would I want my Ring camera to warn me that a potential intruder is coming up my drive, if I knew that should he actually try a door and manage to gain entry, then the door sensor would let me know, in the very rare event that it actually ever happens. All those multitude of alerts and pings for such a very rare event.

So, in the once in a ten year event that there is an actual intruder entry through a door, then I could of course examine the camera footage on demand, so as to check whether it just a relative coming over to check on things while we are away (for example). Then if it really were an intruder (the once in ten years event), I could manually switch on the internal and external alarm sirens (from anywhere in the world), and email/ring neighbours to help out, plus a manual call to the police, etc.

And for the remainder of that ten year period I could relax completely knowing that I could never ever get a false alarm, or an alarm from a trusted visitor who had not mastered the alarm system. Bliss. An alarm system that runs all by itself (once setup), that never needs any attention or arming/disarming.

The only downside would be the alerts/pings we ourselves generated going out into the garden or coming back in, etc. But these would still be many times less than those motion alerts that we currently receive from our Ring cameras. And also, we know as we pass through the door and generate an unwanted ping, that it is only us, and we can ignore it (without having to check camera footage, as you have dot to for a camera alert). So much easier, and so much simpler. And that little ping that we would get every time we go in and out, would actually be reassuring in itself, by confirming audibly that the sensor was still active and working correctly.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones.

I would like to know if others would like to have a system like the above.

If so, maybe Ring could be persuaded to make it easier to set such a system up.