Showing Battery Levels On Dashboard

Rather than open all five of my ring cameras’ settings, it would awesome if you could see the battery levels at a glance, say, next to the name of each camera on the dashboard.

I agree entirely! I searched for “Ring Feature Requests” specifically to suggest this idea. I live in a condo that restricts me from running new outdoor electrical conduit, so battery power is my only viable option. Between lights, cameras, and doorbells I currently have TWELVE battery powered devices. Even with many on Ring’s sub-par supplemental solar chargers helping to maintain them, the process of checking the health of the batteries in the system to see which need to be charged is MUCH more time consuming and frustrating than it feels like it needs to be. Because of all of the clicks involved it can take up to 5 minutes to go through and check the health of each unit.


Thank you.

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I have the same complaint. I love the system and how I can easily set up devices and control them. When you have multiple battery-powered devices, it is unreasonable to expect us to regularly check the device status individually. I get tons of phone notifications from multiple apps, and I regularly miss a low battery notice. I usually figure out I have a problem when I see a light not working.

As well as everything is designed and works, I would expect no less than a tab on the app that instantly shows each battery device and the battery status. An optional weekly or monthly email would be an added benefit, but I’d settle for an easy way to check the devices on one page.