Show zwave switches in Dashboard -> Lights

Currently, adding a GE Zwave switch shows up under Dashboard -> Alarm shortcut -> Lights. It would be nice to have them under Dashboard -> Lights shortcut, that way they could be added to a light group. A direct icon for each light on the dashboard would be a good alternative.

I have added a Levitron light switch(Zwave) to our Ring system. I have given it an assigned category as “Lights” per Rings setup UI for “Works with Ring”. The device shows up as a “Light” under Alarm device list and is controllable only through the Alarm device list. Why does it not show up under the “Lights” list under the Dashboard menu? Apparently ONLY “Ring” (branded) lights are displayed there that are integrated with the Ring cameras or part of a bridged Ring light group.

If I want all “Lights” on, there is no way to do that with the button on the “Lights” page of the dashboard… How about a UI change that allows ALL “categorized” LIGHTS (including those that are “Works with Ring” compliant to be switched on?
*This would dramatically improve the Alarm features when triggered .
Great topic…Thanks!

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Thanks for chiming in, this needs to become more visible so our “Works with Ring” devices are treated on an equal footing as the Ring devices themselves instead of being buried down through multiple menus and clicks, rendering them much less likely to be used. I am not going to rewire all the smartswitches in my house, no way!

While the Ring app does not do this, it is possible to do exactly this using the Alexa app with ring-connected Zwave devices.

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I assume these light switches are hooked up to the RING hub only? ie no independent zwave hub? Can you do basic zwave light programing (ie on at dawn, off at noon) via the Ring APP and hub, or is addition software or hardware needed?

Exact same here. I wanted the GE plug to also be controllable directly from dashboard and, available during cellular backup. If so, I’ll be able to use the plug to reboot my router and that usually fixes 1/2 of the temporary outages.