Show Garage Door Tilt sensors under "Garage"

have both the Ecolink Tilt sensors and MyQ. I know it is overkill, but I bought the tilt sensors for a previous system and later bought MyQ. The MyQ sensors show on the dashboard under Garage, and the tilt sensors show under Alarm. I wish the tilt sensors would show under Garage too. I also have a camera in the garage so I can verify that the door is really open. The tilt sensors and the MyQ sensors both can report a false status from time to time, so I want to be able to verify it. I would really like to be able to specify that camera to show under garage too so I can see the status of my sensors and the picture of what is going on.

I just bought the sensor and I was disappointed that even though I can see the status in the ring app, it does not trigger when I switch on my alarm at night to tell me if I forgot to close the garage door like any other door sensor. Will the myq do that?

You might not want that sensor to be armed like a door sensor because it will trip when you come home and open the garage door and there won’t be enough time to disarm the alarm. The other issue is the EcoLink tilt sensors report an open status sometimes when they are not. Or report tamper for no particular reason when nothing has been touched. It doesn’t happen often for me, but I wouldn’t want that to trigger the alarm.

MyQ does have the ability to alert you if the door is open longer than x period of time. It is in the MyQ app, not in Ring but works well. I do wish they had a snooze feature on the alerts so you could snooze it if you are washing the car in the driveway and have the door open for a while.

I had the same issue with my Ecolink tilt sensors. They sometimes reported my garage doors being opened when they clearly weren’t. That’s not such a big deal if you’re at home, but can be quite annoying when away and unable to visually check the doors.

I resolved my issue by using Ring Alarm Contact Sensors instead. They don’t report false positives and work well with the Ring app. Also, I like how they display the door status as “closed/open” instead of “clear/faulted”.

If you have trouble attaching a Ring Alarm Contact Sensor to your garage door, you can find some mounts on Etsy by searching for something like “Ring Garage Door Mount”. That’ll allow you to attach the Ring sensor nearly anywhere on the back of the garage door.