Show doorbell notification as phone call

Most of the time I have the notifications on my iPhone on silent, so I can stay focused when I’m at work.
However, when someone rings my doorbell, I do want to be notified.

I think it would be great if the Ring app would integrate with CallKit on iOS.
That way, I can also answer the doorbell using the buttons on my bluetooth headset or even carkit.
And that way I get a constant “notification” like a phone call.

I’m pretty sure similar APIs exists for Android.



Again, this request has been posted countless times.

Is this monotores by anyone at all, or is this just a page for us to vent our frustrations?

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I’ve wanted this forever. Come on Ring, PLEASE at least comment whether it’s in your roadmap.

this would be important for such premium device! i’d love to have that feature both on iphone and ipad

Where is the call alert !!!

I keep my phone silent. Still, I don’t miss calls because my smartwatch. Then again I miss all alerts from my Ring video doorbell 2 and Ring door view cam… This is ridiculous since they are essentially calling devices. This completely negates the idea of being able to answer your door like you are at home while you are not.

I’m already angry enough for paying good money for these devices and being denied of functions if I don’t also pay a monthly fee. Then again, not being able to view Ring video on Google Nest hub pisses me of (though this is probably also Google’s doing - a reason to avoid both Ring and Nest). Finally, it makes me furious that my expensive video doorbells essentially serve no purpose without the call alert function!

I expect to be answered on these questions by Ring and to have the call alert asap. Otherwise I must inform everyone I can on these deal breaking short-comings and advice others to do the same.


I have extreme order regret. I had just assumed that the Ring Video Doorbell 3, being such a widely used device, would allow you to actually use it as an intercom. By the the time I’ve had to navigate past the notifications and unlock my phone, any caller has left already.

I’m better off going back to the 6 year old cheap Chinese WiFi video doorcam where you could at least talk to the person at the door before they left.

I have a WUUK doorbell that allow the call notification. I ordered a Chinese brand for a second house, but it doesn’t have the call notification. So I ordered the ring, and surprise! It does not have the call notification :tired_face::tired_face::tired_face:

Totaly agree with this, It’s difficult to see standard notification, a real call would be mandatory !

How has this not been completed? A door ring comes through as a video call like any other app I have. Unlocking my phone to access the app to answer the call is a pain.

Please Ring Team,

Add this feature to answer door rings with video or audio phone call. Maybe the call-kit feature would solve this.

Please be focused to add this feature soon.
I’ve missed so much door rings because the notification on silent iPhone and Apple watch come thru like every other notification…

Thank you in advance