Show battery status or levels for all devices in one place

Hi @JohnP79. Thank you for checking for a similar request. I gathered up all of the requests I could find regarding a battery status screen or area and merged them together. I’ve moved your post in as well, as merging posts helps us accurately gauge how many votes a particular request may have. :slight_smile:

Ring Product Development: You have the APIs already, give us a 1 page “Battery Status for All Devices” page, with options to group by device type or not, sort by battery status, Device type or name.

I have 60+ devices connected. When I make time to change batteries for Ring devices, I want to change all the devices that are low or almost low. I hate getting an alert, changing a battery, then a week later getting another alert. Let us be methodical about it. Going one by one is horrible.

You should be encouraging volume users, making it easy. Those of us moving over from ADT and other whole house solutions need easy of use/maintenance.


No one from Ring development is going to reply to you. There’s just no way they could reply to everyone.
These are user-to-user forums. Vote on this feature is all you can do. At 37 votes, it’s not going to get the notice of the developers. Still needs many more.