Show battery status or levels for all devices in one place

Rather than open all five of my ring cameras’ settings, it would awesome if you could see the battery levels at a glance, say, next to the name of each camera on the dashboard.

I agree entirely! I searched for “Ring Feature Requests” specifically to suggest this idea. I live in a condo that restricts me from running new outdoor electrical conduit, so battery power is my only viable option. Between lights, cameras, and doorbells I currently have TWELVE battery powered devices. Even with many on Ring’s sub-par supplemental solar chargers helping to maintain them, the process of checking the health of the batteries in the system to see which need to be charged is MUCH more time consuming and frustrating than it feels like it needs to be. Because of all of the clicks involved it can take up to 5 minutes to go through and check the health of each unit.


Thank you.

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I have the same complaint. I love the system and how I can easily set up devices and control them. When you have multiple battery-powered devices, it is unreasonable to expect us to regularly check the device status individually. I get tons of phone notifications from multiple apps, and I regularly miss a low battery notice. I usually figure out I have a problem when I see a light not working.

As well as everything is designed and works, I would expect no less than a tab on the app that instantly shows each battery device and the battery status. An optional weekly or monthly email would be an added benefit, but I’d settle for an easy way to check the devices on one page.

On the Ring app, I would like to see a single page where I can see the battery status of all my devices instead of going to each device individually.

I second this! It would be a very useful feature.

This could be added to the ‘Device’ listing and be added so that that screen would display both WiFi and battery statuses on one location.

It would be nice if you could see the % of battery on each device on the dashboard (like you can see on you phone in the top corner).

I totally agree, the “battery level” indicator should be on the dashboard when you first open the app instead of having to navigate throughout the app.

File this under "it would be neat if . . . "

It would be helpful to have a central point to check the battery status of all security devices rather than having to go to each one to make sure batteries are ok. I know that the devices will alert me when the batteries are low but I tend to err on the OCD side and like to see where they are, rather than just “exhausted”, on a regular basis. I can plan better, have replacements on hand and get a better feel for overal usage rate. One stop shopping for battery status across all devices.


Also, asking for this feature. With several battery based devices 10+ (sensors, motion detectors, cameras, doorbell, etc.) a single point of reference for battery only would be great!


This would be very useful for vacation homes, when you are closing up the house for the season and want to make sure all of the batteries have a minimum level left. Or when going on vacation and you don’t want a low battery situation when you are gone.

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I noticed while I was away from home on vacation that my mailbox sensor went offline presumably because battery died (reported at Mailbox Sensor short battery life - #19 by r130s). This time it was just mailbox sensor, which can still get critical sometimes but not always, but I’m afraid if other devices of higher importance (door lock, motion sensor etc.) die during absense without prior notice, it’d be bad.

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Plus one for this. Not sure why voting on a suggestion does not bump it to the top…

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Agreed. We’ve got almost 40 sensors, including First Alert smoke detectors. It would be nice to be told when one is low on battery.

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Create a new page in the app to monitor the status and battery levels of all cams/devices on one page.

Would be nice to have a view that would display the battery percentage of all devices. I have a bunch of path lights that don’t get great solar coverage and periodically have to look at which devices are starting to get low since I don’t always see push notifications of a light having a low battery. One status screen for all would be great

Agreed! It’s annoying to have to crawl from one to another just to see that.

I think it would be useful to have a screen in the app showing battery status icons for all ring devices at once (alarm devices, cameras, etc). It would be much more convenient than clicking each device individually to find out which ones will need batteries charged or replaced soon.

Thanks for the tip - found and voted - though it seems disappointingly unpopular so far! Apparently I don’t have permission to delete my own topic…

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Hi @JohnP79. Thank you for checking for a similar request. I gathered up all of the requests I could find regarding a battery status screen or area and merged them together. I’ve moved your post in as well, as merging posts helps us accurately gauge how many votes a particular request may have. :slight_smile:

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