Should I Return?

Recently I bought a Ring 10 piece security system, Ring Doorbell 2 and a Ring Indoor cam. While I like the system for the most part, I have a couple main concerns:

  1. Security issues. I have read about the various issues associated with Ring and we have experienced a couple of oddities since I installed it. First we had a guy come to our door one night (same day I installed it) claiming he was there to pick up his daughter. He quickly claimed he had the wrong number. Looking back at the video we noticed he had some small item (not his phone) that he pulled out of his pocket after ringing the Ring. I did see him pull into the driveway down the street afterwards.
    Second my wife recently lost all her text history on her phone. Just completely disappeared. Needless to say she is freaking out thinking someone hacked somehow through the Ring.
  2. The lack of glass shatter sensor. We have a couple echo dots but disconnected them over a year ago due to their uselessness and privacy issues.

So I am wondering if we should return and get something else. Budget is around $450. I was also looking at Simplisafe when I was researching. Thanks!

Thank you for sharing your concerns with the Community in a constructive way @Concerneduser! In regards to the recent event, where you believe to have come into contact with a specialized burglar; if you’re concerned about specialized burglars using wifi jammers, we recommend using two devices (a Video Doorbell and a Camera) to provide overlapping coverage. We also have POE and ethernet capable devices.

Glass break has been a very popular request in the Community, and one that we continue to share with our teams. We are always working to improve on our features and devices, as well as add and provide more solutions for our neighbors. At this time, if you are not interested in using Alexa enabled devices for the sound detection skill, I recommend using more contact sensors or motion detectors to cover a window or entry way.

I’m certain other neighbors in the Community will chime in with some additional recommendations for you. :slight_smile: