Should I be using a Pro Power Kit V2

Sorry new to the community group and have not found something that fully answers my questions. I have one mechanical doorbell that rings for both front and back doors. I installed a Ring Doorbell (not sure the model) hard-wired (no battery ) to the front door wires and all was good. I did the same to the back door with an older Ring doorbell that does have a battery but hardwired. Most features did not work so I assumed and read about the power. I inserted that battery and figured I would run the back door with a battery and left it hard wired. Cold get here and I am getting a critically low battery for the front that is hardwired and does not have a battery. Have tried resetting it and reinstalling it but still critical low so now it have reverted back to just ringing the old doorbell, not alerting my phone or Alexa. So 1) how can I get rid of the critical low battery and 2) does it sound like I need a Power Adapter kit? Hope I was able to explain this well. Thanks

Hi, it’s worth confirming which Ring doorbell models you have at the front and back. If you are not sure it’s easy to find out…

Select Doorbell settings > Device Health > Device Health report (at the bottom).

You will then see your Doorbell model listed:

  “Your Ring Doorbell ???? Is on line”
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Thank you! The side door states a Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus (hardwired and battery) and the front door (hardwired) just says Ring Video Doorbell

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Hi there, @cmcaporale! Our battery-powered Video Doorbells are designed to be primarily powered by battery, and will often offer the option of being hardwired for additional trickle charge to the battery and chime kit functionality. We do have hardwired Video Doorbell models such as the Doorbell Pro, Doorbell Elite, and the all new Doorbell Wired, however, the model you’ve described sounds like it might be the Video Doorbell 1st Gen.

Feel free to check out those links for further confirmation. To answer you questions above, only the Doorbell Pro needs a Pro Power Kit for installation, however, if you are inquiring on the Plug-In Adapters, these can be found on our accessories page at Feel free to also check out our help center article for tips on hardwiring battery Doorbells for a trickle charge.

But the doorbell giving me issues with a low battery is the doorbell that does not have a battery and is hardwired

Hi @cmcaporale. The Ring Video Doorbell has an internal battery that still needs to be charged. You’ll need to remove the Doorbell from its mounting location and charge it via usb. Once it is fully charged, you can rewire it and it should resume normal function. I hope this helps.