Shopping icon in the Ring App - can I turn that off?

Feels like behavior has shifted recently to put display the shopping cart icon at the top of the app where the snooze icon normally shows up. Sometimes it sticks there for a few seconds and goes away, other times it doesn’t show up at all.

As a frequent user of the snooze feature, I’m getting really tired of that little cart icon popping up/sneaking in, even temporarily, where I normally expect the snooze icon to be. I’m tired of accidently tapping that thing because of the inconsistent behavior of the app.

I want to turn it off but can’t find the right setting. This feels sneaky, to me, as if the team wants to accidently bump me into the offers/shopping page of the app.

Anyone know how to disable shopping from the app? Or, product team at Ring… can you please create a consistent interface that’s not flashing options and icons arbitrarily every time I open the app?

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I have the shopping cart icon too, though it’s permanent and I don’t see it flashing or disappearing.
You might try to clear the cache for the Ring App and see if that cleans it up so that at least it isn’t flashing or moving around and always staying in place.


Thanks for sharing this info this is useful keep it up.