Shipping Issues


I have ordered ring cameras through the website, got confirmation that the order went through and the cameras would be shipped in 2 sets. One set has been delivered but the other is lost. Ive been trying to call ring with no luck - got hold for almost 3 hrs. Emails no response as well.
I know they have manpower issues at the moment.
Does anyone know other ways to contact ring support?

I called support today and had no issues getting through to them. I guess it depends where you are located. Can I ask how long did it take for the delivery?

@ionicsecurity I apologize you have been having delays with getting to support! I recommend to make sure you call any of the numbers here, as we should not have as long of delays as you have had the past weekend. Also, you can chat into our team about it at that link as well. They will be the ones to help you keep up to date on your order, but please also note there may be shipping delays due to COVID as well!