Shipping and handling of product

Purchased a Ring Solar Wall light on the 23rd of August and I had to put in a complaint to PayPal because they some reason took and cashed my money but didn’t even try to send my Product. Finely, The claim to have shipped it Sept 1st Now I see its Being Delayed in Mid Transit. To my advantage Home Depot had the item and I purchase it from them on the 24 of Aug. NOw Im still waiting for my Ring item to come that I purchased from Ring. I wont do that anymore Id Order it from Amazon or Home depot. It was suspose to be delivered today Sept 3rd but it a delay. I will take my disbut out only when I receive my product and then return it for a refund.

Depending on where it was shipped from, where it had to transit through, and where you live there are various things causing delivery delays which could explain it.
The Tropical Storm IDA and wild fires on the west coast could be a cause. Unfortunately shipping companies don’t always go into specifics as to why a delay.

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