Sharing video to media app

I just installed my Ring stick up cam today and right away got some funny footage of the neighborhood chicken. I’m trying to share to Facebook directly from the app but the video isn’t there, just an add for Ring. I tried downloading the video, but as it’s an MP4 I guess, it’s not the right format for Facebook at least. I see people sharing Ring videos so I know it can be done! I’m unfortunately not very tech savvy, so thanks for any guidance in advance.

Hi @DeadyVonZombs. Wow, I want to see this chicken footage!! This Help Center article here has information on Sharing and Downloading Videos. Another great way to share is to share the link to the Ring video. I do this by tapping the Share button, then tapping the button that looks like a Text Message. From there, you’ll be redirected to a text where you can “copy and paste” the link to your video. Let me know if this is helpful!