Shared users receive smart lighting motion sensor notifications even when motion alerts are disabled


I have a couple smart lighting motion sensors placed outside. Both incorrectly “detect” motion tens of times a day, I believe due to the sun hitting the motion sensor on and off. That’s annoying, so I disabled “Motion Alerts” for those light groups, as there doesn’t seem to be a way to disable motion alerts for the individual motion sensors (only option is to enable or disable detecting motion). Not ideal, but it does the trick for my main account.

Problem is that all shared users still receive those motion notifications. I tried to log into those shared users’ accounts to disable those alerts as well, but they don’t have access to nor can create light groups. So they can’t disable those alerts on their phones, which keeps annoying them tens of times per day. I also tried to disable their access to those light groups from my main account to see if that helped, but I don’t even have the option to share or not share with them, even though the motion sensor is being shared as they get those motion alerts.

We’re all using iPhones and have the latest Ring app available. So how could we disable smart lighting motion sensor notifications for shared users? Is there no way to do that because they don’t have access to light groups? Could you add a toggle to the individual sensors to disable motion alerts for them versus having to do it via the light groups?