Shared access for smart lighting

I recently bought and installed a spotlight and a bunch of pathlights. I was under the assumption that I would be able to give control to the shared users on my account. But looks like smart lighting is one exception for the shared access feature. I can even share my 3rd party lock but light groups cannot be shared!

Looks like this thing has been on the ‘feature request board’ forever - does anyone know if there has been any official communication from Ring regarding this?

Is there a workaround for this very basic feature that can be found in even the cheapest of smart lighting ecosystems out there?

Hi @useruser. At this time we do not have an update to share on when Smart Lighting will have the availability to be shared with Shared Users. Whenever we do have an update, we will share it in the related threads on this topic, such as this one. Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile: