Setup Ring Pro can't connect direct WiFi

I have a Ring Pro, witch works great for 2 weeks. But now he’s lost my WiFi-connection.

No problem; I tried to setup WiFi again, but unfortunately I can’t connect in setup-mode to Ring Pro. I tried several phones, with bluetooth off, but by all phones I’m getting an error no Wifi connection with Ring is possible. I made a hard reset (press 30 seconds connect button), I also disconnect the wires for 30 seconds, but still can’t complete the setup.

I contact Ring bij mail; unfortunately it isn’t possible to help me Covid-19. The only options are the community or by phone (but i’m living outsite of USA).

Any options to fix my Ring or change to a working one?

Sounds like a similar problem to mine. In the end I spent nearly an hour on the phone to Support and they declared my unit dead and are sending me a new one free of charge. You need to phone Support.

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